Change Last Commit Message in Git

02 Oct 2015

We all do it, and I know I speak for myself when I see that I do this often. I do my day-in-day-out work with the git command line (Git Bash). The following commands are muscle memory at this point:

$ git add ...

Followed quickly by a

$ git commit -m ...

That commit message is something I frequently mistype.

So now you’ve just committed with a commit message you immediately want to change. How can you change this?

Let’s first look at a sample git log:

$ git log --oneline --decorate --graph --all 
* df423b1 (HEAD -> master) 3rd commit
* fe9ba62 Second commit
* 5b83de3 First commit

If I want to change the last commit message from “3rd commit” to “Third commit”, all I’d have to do is the following:

$ git commit --amend -m "Third commit"

And now looking back at my history I see my changed commit message:

$ git log --oneline --decorate --graph --all
* 7283975 (HEAD -> master) Third commit
* fe9ba62 Second commit
* 5b83de3 First commit

As you can see, this creates a new commit (i.e. different SHA) for the tip of the branch with the new commit message.

Simple as that!