Search for TypeScript Definition Files

12 Oct 2015

I recently wrote about how to add definition files to Visual Studio code for the use of IntelliSense, but what if you simple don’t know the actual file that you need! The “guessing game” never works, no matter how hard you try.

So how can you search for a definition file then? First off, you can browse to a community-driven TSD file repository and do a search there. But what if you wanted to search through the command-line?

It’s simple! Just use tsd query. For instance, say I’m looking to add the MongoDB type definition file to my project, but I’m not sure verbatim what it’s named. I can do a wildcard search like this:

tsd query mongo*

This comes back with the following output:

- mongodb       / mongodb
- mongoose-mock / mongoose-mock
- mongoose      / mongoose

Perfect, looks like I know I want mongodb at this point. What if you want to find some information about this file? Just use the --info switch:

tsd query mongodb --info

This dumps out a bit of useful information (the current data returned can be seen below):

- mongodb / mongodb
  >> MongoDB                   :
   @ Boris Yankov              :
   < mongodb (external module)

So there you have it! Quick and easy searching for definition files directly through the TSD command line interface.