Awesome Tech Conferences - a Curated List

20 Mar 2016

A few days ago I tweeted asking about a list of tech conferences. We all know how we find out about conferences today…

  1. You know of an annual conference and you look out for the next one of it
  2. You see tweets or other social media about CFPs or registrations

But as a very “centralized” community that tech and developers tend to be, I was expecting there to already have been a list of upcoming tech conferences. So I asked…

Is there any curated list of upcoming dev conferences?? #JavaScript #nodejs #dotnet #programming

— Thomas Stringer (@tr_stringer) March 19, 2016

With no response, I started looking around. Sure enough, nothing jumped out at me.

I feel as though with the tech/dev/code community at its relative infancy, we have a large array of super great conferences available to developers around the world, but we haven’t yet obtained a solution to centralize these listings (or at least none that I’ve run across yet).

So I created a curated list of tech conferences on GitHub: awesome-tech-conferences. I just seeded a few conferences there for now to get a good idea of what I think this should look like (have a better thought for layout? Create a GitHub issue!), but as you can see right now it’s currently a rather “sparse” list.

That’s where you come in… Know of an upcoming tech conference? Fork the repo, make the changes, and create a pull request to get it listed. Don’t have time for that? Create an issue with the details and somebody will make the changes.

Let’s make this a one-stop-shop for people looking for upcoming tech/dev conferences!